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 I have had a gutfull of this sort of crap
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Posted - 07 Apr 2007 :  09:52:12  Show Profile Send SBR_Champs a Private Message,23599,21517596-421,00.html

I have had enough of people accusing Australia of being a racist, intolerant anti everything country.
Australia is a ,mostly, free country I choose not to have a religion, so does that automatically make me anti muslim? NO

I, like most Australians don't care what religion people are, what I do object to is people using "religion" to justify criminal actions.

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Kick it in the Guts Barry

Member 5 Church of Ambroseology

Edited by - SBR_Champs on 07 Apr 2007 11:27:03

No.1 HRT Fan!

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joined 03 Oct 04


Posted - 07 Apr 2007 :  12:07:57  Show Profile  Visit hrt_rulz01's Homepage Send hrt_rulz01 a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
It does get annoying doesn't it...

It's funny how certain people from the Islamic community always whinge about how Australians are intolerant people etc etc, but you never hear any other religious groups or races complaining...

Australia is the best country in the world, and there are not many other countries that are as accepting of people as Aussies are... If the certain members of the Islamic community don't like it, then go home...
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Legendary Gerry

22673 Posts
joined 19 Feb 07


Posted - 07 Apr 2007 :  12:34:24  Show Profile Send Legendary Gerry a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
Put her in a room with Germaine Greer and let them go for it - just as long as the room is not in Australia.
Australia and Australians have always been pretty tolerant - we probably had to considering our beginnings - and SBR has well and truly hit the nail on the head.
If you don't like it, piss off!
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17491 Posts
joined 14 Nov 06


Posted - 07 Apr 2007 :  12:43:15  Show Profile Send Sonic a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
i'm a christian and as much as i disagree with other religions it remains that persons choice what they want to believe (or not believe)... me trying to enforce you to respect my beliefs would only push you away so i fail to see how all of the crap going on will turn anyone to their religion...

much better to live the life and let people be impressed by that...

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Team Manager

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joined 21 Sep 04


Posted - 07 Apr 2007 :  13:59:03  Show Profile Send karter a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
Stupid cows like her should be forced to live in extremist muslim states, like Afghanistan was. Where women are treated like pieces of ****. In her case that would be justified.
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XR6 Turbo Racing Manager

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joined 06 Oct 03


Posted - 08 Apr 2007 :  11:54:00  Show Profile  Visit FalconGTHO351's Homepage Send FalconGTHO351 a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
She discourages British Muslims from co-operating with anti-terrorism police and she refers to suicide bombings as "martyrdom operations".
Way to change people's opinions you stupid ****ing slut. What an absolute ****wit. Most Australians couldn't give a **** what religion anyone follows, but they, like myself, get pissed off at ****heads like this who make such stupid ****ing statements... I hope she dies a very painful death, because that's what her kind bestow upon innocents...
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joined 01 Aug 01


Posted - 08 Apr 2007 :  12:03:19  Show Profile  Visit laser's Homepage Send laser a Private Message Copy this URL to Link to this Reply
Pretty pointless leaving this open with comments like that.

V8Central WebMaster - Our motto is If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all

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