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13 November 2008, 05:58

With less than two week’s till Round 3 of the Fire Service Plus Sprintcar All Stars Series at the Edge Hotel – Motel Mildura Speedway on November 22nd Series Promoter Mandy Searle & Royston Lloyd, President of MSDC, are both extremely pleased to announce a $1000 cash incentive.
This will be awarded to the Driver with the highest points after competiting in all 3 rounds at Mildura Speedway.
“The MSDC & the Edge’s Mildura Speedway have always done an amazing job of supporting the Fire Service Plus Sprintcar All Stars and this is just another show of their support. I was surprised and excited when Royston offered this additional money to the Series” say’s Series Promoter Mandy Searle.
“We love travelling up to Mildura, the locals are so friendly and the weather is always great. This season we have been holding discussions with Richard Morfaw, from the Mildura City Traders about holding a street parade for our second or third trip to Mildura. It is looking like all plans will go ahead with this event which will be huge event for the All Stars” Mandy comments.
Competitors are also appreciative of the support they get from the town of Mildura. Series regular Phil Lock and his Aussie Drains #V4 Team are already arranging to have the race car on display at a local Primary school on Friday 21st. This will give the kids a great chance for a close up look at a Sprintcar and his “Super Rocket Teddy” will sure to be a hot topic amongst them. More displays are planned for the Saturday morning in the heart of Mildura.
“Another exciting bonus for us is there will be Live Video Streaming. Darren Shaddock of Sprintcar World has kindly offered to support our series with this. It is the All Stars first opportunity to promote our series live.” says an excited Mandy. “It is fantastic news for us and the fans and hope they take the opportunity to listen in if they are too far away to travel to Mildura”
Party Central look out …… we are coming back…..
Round dates at Timmis Speedway are - November 22nd 2008, March 14th 2009 and the Series Final on April 25th 2009

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